Poetry and Photography

writing critique: i chose this set of lyrics to go with this song because sometimes i don’t feel like i am the best partner to my significant other. i think the audience would interpret my work with positive comments because of the lyrics and shadow pic of us kissing.

Masters Of Photography Reflection- Joel Meyerowitz

The photographer that i like and whos’ photos that i appreciate and like is Joel Meyerowitz. One of the photos that i like taken by him is called “4th and Market’. I like that photo because it shows multiple subjects at multiple distances in the foreground, background, and background. In the photo there is a building in the foreground that covers a third of the frame. The other 3rd composes of other buildings in the middle ground while you can see the gateway arch of St. Louis in the background. I have noticed that many of his photos include subjects at multiple distances such as foreground ,middle ground, and background. Another photo that I like is called “Theresa Avenue”. I like that photo because of the contrast created between the things that are in the shadow and the things that are in the sunlight  on the street such as the building across the street. Another photo that i like is called “Empire State Building, 12th Avenue, New York City”. I like this photo because of the beautiful new york skyline.

Worldy Landscape

i took this landscape picture of the fields because of how the sky looked, my plan was to edit the folder and make the picture look a little sad themed. i adjusted the exposure brightness and color saturation.

Strobes and Gels

See the source imagewriting critique: in this portrait i love how she dressed up because the made the scene seem really personal and intimate. i also love the color pink she used for her background. i like that she looks really bright, her skin tone is really pretty.


i picked the first magazine because i thought about how alike animals can be to us humans, i really like the shot they got of the baby gorilla.

for the second one my favorite thing about the magazine is the fact that all dogs have different personalities so it would be really cool to know how they think.

my favorite thing about the last magazine is how much geology interests me, i would love to learn more about the earth and beyond.